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Visiting at Colac Area Health

We appreciate the importance of you being able to visit your loved ones and keeping them safe. In order to maintain safety for our patients, our community and our colleagues the hospital visiting regulations are as follows:

Visiting hours

8.00 am to 8.00 pm – If you are visiting patients in Acute ward, please enter via the main doors to the Acute Ward

8.00 am to 8.00 pm – Corangamarah

  • Visitors over 18 need to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative RAT test on the day of visitation and wear an N95 mask
  • Visitors under 18 need to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative RAT on the day of visitation
  • Visitors under 16 are permitted entry if they are visiting a palliative care patient on an EOL pathway. They must be a child, grandchild or sibling of the patient
  • Up to TWO care and support visits are allowed each day, with no more than TWO visitors allowed at one time.
  • ALL visitors must provide evidence of their vaccinations at the door.
  • Visitors who are not vaccinated MUST complete a RAT test and wear an N95 mask. Any visitor who refuses must be asked to leave. 
  • Residents can have ONLY 5 VISITORS PER DAY with no more than FOUR visitors at any one time. Visitors may attend each day but no more than ONCE a day.
    The ONLY time a resident can receive greater than 5 visitors is if they are declared by a medical officer as palliative. 
  • Visitors are NOT to eat with a resident on the premises.
  • ALL visitors must be reminded to wear their mask at ALL TIMES whilst in the facility.
  • ALL visitors must be reminded that they are to remain in the allocated rooms ie identified bedrooms/meeting rooms.