Colac Area Health Urgent Care Centre

What is an urgent care centre?

Colac Area Health’s Urgent Care Centre treats people with serious but non-life-threatening conditions such as minor burns, wounds and fractures.

People with the most urgent conditions are always seen first.

The centre is staffed by medical and nursing staff and is supported by local GP services.

When should I attend the Urgent Care Centre?

In an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 000.

You should only attend the Colac Area Health Urgent Care Centre for serious and urgent conditions. People who attend for non-urgent conditions may be referred to see a local GP or face long waiting times.

To book a GP appointment, please contact:

If you are unsure what the right treatment is for your situation, please contact:


There are no out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare-eligible patients to attend Urgent Care. If pathology (blood tests) or medical imaging is required, a fee may be charged.

Important: If you do not hold an Ambulance Victoria membership and require an ambulance transfer to another hospital, you may be charged. Learn more about ambulance membership here.