General Counselling

Qualified and Provisional Psychologists provide general counselling for people who are 16 years or older.

A number of evidenced based psychological interventions are used to support people experiencing difficulty managing their lives.  This can result in difficulty maintaining relationships, employment, and substance abuse to name a few.  Managing diagnosed mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, dealing with grief and trauma can also be addressed.

Commonly asked questions

Do I have to pay?
To see a Psychologist it is recommended to get a mental health care plan from your doctor. To see a Counsellor there is no fee.

How long can I see the counsellor for?
A standard Mental Health Care plan is restricted to 10 appointments. However the length of engagement will be determined by the Counsellor and the client.

Other Contacts

  • Lifeline: A crisis and suicide prevention support line 13 11 14
  • Headspace: Youth Mental Health 12 to 15 year olds 1800 650 890
  • Barwon Health: 24 hours. Serious mental illness/In crisis 1300 094 187
  • Beyond Blue: Assistance for anxiety, depression and suicide 1300 224 636


Main Reception
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Monday to Friday
9.00 am to 5.00 pm 


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How to access this service
Make an appointment through Main Reception