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Diabetes Education

The Diabetes Education service specialises in acute and chronic care for diabetes.

Significant health complications may occur if diabetes is not managed correctly.  For best outcomes, diabetes care needs a team approach between the person with diabetes, their carers and health professionals who are trained in diabetes care.

What we do

Appointments can be made with our Diabetes Care Team for support with:

  • Healthy eating for diabetes
  • Foot health care
  • Diabetes self-care advice and equipment
  • Effective use of medications (including insulin management)
  • Advice about living responsibly with diabetes (e.g. driving)
  • Registration for the National Diabetes Supply Scheme (NDSS).

Who we care for

We provide support for children and adults with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. We work with:

  • people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes
  • people who have been living with diabetes for sometimes
  • people who are caring for someone with diabetes.

Commonly asked questions

Is there a cost?
We provide a low/no cost service.  If there is a small fee this will be discussed with you when your appointment is booked.

Is there an emergency diabetes service?
Contact your GP or the Urgent Care department if you are unwell and need urgent assistance.


Diabetes Education Nurse
03 5232 5100




Also see: 

Diabetes Victoria


How to access this service

We accept referrals for inpatients from hospital staff/doctors.

You can  refer yourself or your child for a diabetes education appointment by calling Main Reception or completing a form.

Referrals from other service providers are accepted such as your GP, Colac Area Health staff or other health services.