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World No Tobacco Day 2022

Give Smoking Away This May

Colac Area Health’s Smoking Clinic has been operating for over a decade.
The Smoking Clinic offers a confidential, individualised service to find the best options for you to manage, reduce or cease your smoking.

Who benefits from giving up smoking?
Everyone! You, your family, your friends and your workplace. Passive smoking causes heart disease, cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.
Did you know?
•  Smoking is a medical condition
•  Smoking is a chronic disease that can be treated and managed
•  Within a day of reducing your tobacco intake your blood pressure and heart rate will reduce
•  Within a month exercising will become easier
•  Within a year you will have saved up to $10,000

What is the Smoking Clinic?
The Smoking clinic is a service at Colac Area Health that is designed to support smokers to manage, reduce or cease smoking.
The Clinic is run by our own trained Tobacco Treatment Specialist who uses the most up to date nicotine management and support treatment options.

To learn more about our smoking clinic click here.

This is a free confidential service with flexible appointment times. Self-refer via: [email protected] or 5232 5135