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Telehealth Success at Colac Area Health

Thanks to telehealth, Colac Area Health is able to provide safe, personal, effective and connected care, without patients having to leave their home or community.
Telehealth is being used across a wide range of services at Colac Area Health, from Allied Health to Community Nursing, Outpatient clinics and Counselling services. In response to COVID19, use of telehealth has increased substantially; and in August alone, consumers attended 188 appointments using telehealth.
Consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with more than 98% of consumers agreeing that telehealth enabled them to be well cared for; and that it saved them time, travel and money, and that it was easy to coordinate their appointments and easy to use the technology. 77% agreed that they would recommend telehealth to others.
Consumers noted that “Telehealth meant that during COVID we were still able to have this much needed appointment” and that using telehealth the “discussion was as clear and precise as an in person consultation would be”. Both consumers and clinicians have noted that attending appointments by telehealth isn’t always appropriate, but also that telehealth will become usual in future, as “a very good and safe way to conduct an appointment” providing convenience for families, reducing travel and saving money. Tom Fleming pictured with Chris Mavridis, Physiotherapist also adapted with ease to this new mode of service delivery.
Clinician Chris Mavridis has reported that she is truly impressed by is the willingness of our community to support our change in service delivery and give telehealth a go.
We use HealthDirect to deliver safe and secure online healthcare for those who have internet access and a suitable device.
We understand that this is not accessible or affordable for everyone so telephone calls and other methods are also used.
We are also delivering equipment and other items to people so we can remotely test and monitor progress.
Margaret McMaster, client of Chris Mavridis has reported that it’s been very positive and time saving. It meant that I didn’t have to rely on others to get to appointments whilst convalescing. I could not drive for 6 weeks so this helped me out immensely.
I’d like to see this for basic GP appointments definitely. Being face to face on video helps see what is going on for people during calls.
I would definitely use Telehealth again.