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Restorative Care

What is the Restorative Care Program?

 Restorative Care aims to maintain or improve your independence and confidence to complete normal daily activities.

The program is open to those recovering from surgery, a short term illness, a relapse of a chronic condition, or while planning a safe discharge. It will provide additional time, low level therapy, equipment, and case management.

Where is it?

We can deliver this program at Colac Area Health in the Restorative Care Room or in your own home.

Who decides where I undertake this program and how long is it?

Our restorative care team will decide with you, the most appropriate place and length of program ranging from seven days up to several weeks, depending on your needs and progress.

Restorative Care focuses on

  • Mobility
  • Strength and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Communication
  • Activities of daily living.

We welcome family/carer involvement to assist you in achieving your goals, learning about your condition, and finding ways of keeping you safe at home.

What are the benefits of the Restorative Care program?

  • To help you become as independent as possible
  • To promote wellness
  • To support your abilities in mobility, dressing, grooming, bathing and eating
  • Provide a team of health professionals and equipment appropriate to meet your goals
  • Understand your medications
  • Activities will be designed around what you wish to achieve for your health and well being.


Restorative Care Coordinator
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How do I access this service

Discuss Restorative Care with your Health Professional or Doctor and ask for a referral