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Maternity Services

The Maternity Services unit provides quality maternity care to the local community and surrounding regional areas.

What we do

We offer individualised, family centred maternity care including:

  • a range of pregnancy, birthing and postnatal support services
  • ensuring families are well prepared for and informed during pregnancy
  • have adequate access to support services upon leaving hospital following the birth of their baby

Flexibility and choice are important aspects of maternity care. Midwives encourage all families to choose birthing and postnatal options that best suit their individual needs and circumstances. We also encourage the involvement of family members in the birth and care of a new baby.

Who we care for

Maternity services provide care to low risk pregnant women and their families.

Referral to Higher Level Obstetric Services

Higher level Obstetric Services are available if you or your baby are considered at high risk for complications.

All women birthing at Colac Area Health Maternity Services are encouraged to have ambulance cover.


We welcome all women and their families to provide us with your feedback and suggestions for service improvement. Please contact the Maternity Services Team or complete the online Feedback form.  You will be offered a patient satisfaction survey following your birth.

Facilities and Staff

The maternity unit is a 4 bed unit


We have a dedicated team of midwives, GP’s, Obstetricians and anaesthetists. Staff are available 24 hrs per day.

A clinical midwife consultant and specialist obstetrician are also available for wider consultation.

With access to a range of staff, we aim to provide continuity of care across the entire birthing and early parenting experience.


Women are admitted directly to the maternity unit. An assessment is made by the midwifery staff in collaboration with the woman’s GP obstetrician or the ‘On Call’ GP Obstetrician after hours.

There are two birthing suites, each with en-suites.

  • One birthing suite has a large bath for those who wish to use deep water immersion. This may help with labour pain or if a water birth is preferred.

Other Facilities

  • Family members have access to a lounge with kitchenette
  • 24 hour access to the operating theatre for emergencies or planned caesarean section.
  • 24 hour access to anaesthetic services
  • Diagnostic services including pathology, radiology/medical imaging (Hours restricted)
  • Access to Level one neonatal nursery.

 If a baby is born before 37 weeks, unwell at birth or requires ongoing medical support, they will be stabilised at Colac Area Health and transferred to a higher level neonatal care facility if necessary.  Maternity services staff will collaborate with Paediatric Infant Perinatal Emergency Retrieval (PIPER).

Victorian Maternity Record (VMR)

Maternity Services supports and promotes the use of the Victorian Maternity Record (VMR).  This provides pregnant women with a uniform hand held maternity care record.

  • It helps to engage women in decisions regarding their own care
  • Improves communications between service providers throughout your pregnancy

If your GP Obstetrician has not commenced a VMR for you, your midwife will start a VMR at your booking in visit. Women are advised to ask their GP to complete their VMR at each pregnancy care visit they attend.

Midwifery Outpatient Clinic

The Ante-Natal Midwives Clinic offers midwifery appointments routinely:

  • Booking-in to be between 14-20 weeks
  • At 24 weeks gestation
  • At 32-34 weeks gestation
  • At 37 weeks gestation

Visiting hours

For maternity clients 2 to 8 pm only. Rest period 12.30 to 2 pm.  We ask all visitors to please respect and observe this rest period to provide women with an opportunity to rest and recover. Partners/support persons and other children are welcome to visit anytime.

If you are not well/have any cold or flu symptoms, we strongly recommend that you do not visit Maternity patients.