Kinder Kapers Program

The Kinder Kapers program provides local early year’s services with the opportunity to visit Colac Area Health’s Urgent Care and Medical Imaging Departments to prepare children for their visit to hospital.

What is Kinder Kapers?

Kinder Kapers is a Medical Care Program designed to educate children and families about what to expect when visiting the hospital through two key components:

  • Medical Care
  • Medical Imaging

What is the aim of Kinder Kapers?

  • To provide kindergarten children with a positive experience when visiting the hospital
  • Reduce fear and anxiety when visiting Urgent Care and medical imaging departments
  • Educate children and families on hospital services.

What does Kinder Kapers involve?

  • To learn about what to expect when visiting a hospital, the children watch a short film ‘My trip to hospital’
  • To learn about medical care they visit the Urgent Care department
  • To learn about medical imaging, the children visit the Medical Imaging department.

What are the benefits of Kinder Kapers to your child?

The Kinder Kapers program provides an opportunity for children to:

  • Be educated about typical procedures conducted in hospitals
  • Familiarise themselves with the typical equipment used in hospitals through senses of sight and touch
  • Learn and view medical imaging procedures.


Colac Area Health’s Allied Health Assistants
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