Trauma Acceptance Commitment Therapy Program

A 10-week practical, group program for women (aged 18 plus) who have been impacted by sexual assault and family violence, and who are experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Participants learn:

Skills to assist with identifying and understanding the symptoms of trauma from sexual assault and family violence.

Practical techniques to assist with managing the symptoms and triggers of trauma, gained through individual and group-based learning and discussion, as well as skills such as writing, music, art, and the use of nature and movement.

The Trauma Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (TACT) Program is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and is underpinned by research and evidence on trauma. The TACT Program is a joint initiative of The Sexual Assault and Family Violence Centre and Colac Area Health, with group sessions held in both regions.

Colac Program

Attendees are encouraged to attend a pre-program information session which will outline the program and provide an overview of the activities for each week.

Information Session
When: 11 am, Tuesday, 7 September 2021
Where: Colac Area Health, 2-28 Connor St, Colac

2021 Group sessions
When: Tuesday 5 October 2021 (the first of 10 sessions)
Where: Colac Area Health, 2-28 Connor St, Colac

*Please note that should COVID-related health restrictions impact the running of this program in an in-person capacity, an online 8-week version will be offered.

For more information

Please contact Jodie Roberts, Colac Area Health on 03 5232 5143 or [email protected], or visit